360Rocks is a strategic guidance system for entrepreneurial leaders who want to create BIG change through leadership development & sustainable operation.

We have the tools you need to crystallize your vision, build a healthy

organizational culture, and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams

creating a company that you and others want to work for.


It's hard work, but the results are MAGICAL!

 We are live music fans, nature lovers, thinkers AND doers who can help YOU become the best in your industry while changing the world and some having fun!





The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is a proven solution that helps leaders take control of their business while creating a more functional and healthy organization.

Too often, people and organizations are struggling with untapped potential simply because they don't have the right tools in their toolbox. Using EOS®, we can help you unleash that potential.

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We work with leadership teams to create positive change in their organization. Whatever their goal is, we want to help them achieve it while growing their business sustainably!


Are you frustrated because of disengaged team members? Does the message from your leadership team lack consistency and alignment?

Then let us do what we do best to free you from those roadblocks!! 


We can help you build an organizational culture based on TRUST, redefine your organizational chart so everyone contributes, and implement a system that  ensures all your people CHOOSE to be accountable.


Our 12-weeks 360 Leadership Development program transforms your organization's leaders by focusing on their professional

AND personal growth.

We help emerging leaders develop greater emotional intelligence and resilience, while enhancing their professional skills and teaching them key leadership tools.

Companies that have a structured professional development program see increasing collaboration, productivity and

team member happiness.


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Maria Kingery is the Founding Principal of 360Rocks,

and Co-Founder of Southern Energy Management,

a Certified B Corporation since 2009. 


With over 20 years of experience in the social entrepreneurship world, Maria's passion is helping other purpose driven leaders to achieve their vision to positively impact the world. She also believes in giving back and is actively engaged with a number of organizations bolstering the sustainable business community. She currently serves as board chair for Amicus Solar Cooperative, a national collective of 58 of the top independent solar companies in North America, and is the Sustainability Expert for the US East Region of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). Maria is also a proud faculty member of the Duke University Environmental Leadership Program.


On the weekends, along with her husband and son,

Maria enjoys adventurous cooking, outdoor activities (especially live music shows/festivals), and dreaming up new businesses to heal the world.


P.S. Maria's favorite clients are Deadheads (Grateful Dead fans) #RockOn

Lead Guitarist


Mel Hubner joined the 360Rocks team in March, 2020, as our Impact Associate and B Corp Advocate. Prior to her current journey, Mel worked for a non-profit organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her passion has always been helping her community and making the world a better place - and today, Mel wants to help entrepreneurs use their businesses to solve social and environmental issues!  

When Mel isn’t working, she replenishes her energy by taking her two dogs on long walks, baking new recipes, and doing lots of journaling.

P.S. One of her most important roles is to keep Maria sane :)


For Our Deadhead Friends

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